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Monday, July 06, 2009

kitty: a new fo - A Textured Shawl Recipe

A Textured Shawl Recipe
Pattern by orlane - Ravelry Link
A Verb of Keeping Warm - Handspun Indigo Tussah Silk (Fiber Club)

Pattern:Pattern by orlane - Ravelry Link
Indie Dyer: A Verb of Keeping Warm

Fiber: 100% Tussah Silk
Colour: Indigo Dye
Spun: Yours Truly

I absolutely love this pattern, it is defiantly one of those patterns that you can just throw in your bag and pick it up when ever you have a few minutes. This was what I had in my bag during the convention a few weeks ago. It only took about 5 days of stop and go knitting.

I also couldn't be any happier how beautifully the indigo handspun worked in the pattern. It just added to the the textural aspect of the pattern. I just find it so hard to actually use my handspuns.

This is definitely one of those happy happy FO's.




  1. soooo gorgeous, congratulations Pris!!

  2. this came out great, I love that yarn!!

  3. So, so beautiful!! the yarn and colourway is gorgeous, it really sings in the textured stitches. what a perfect combo of yarn and pattern- you did a great job!!

    - Julie

  4. It's beautiful! I should use my handspun more often too.

  5. It's beautiful! I love it with the laceweight - it's perfect.