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Monday, July 18, 2011

kitty: a little knitting action going on.... Cria

Zeiss Ikon Nettar
It has a viewfinder, folding bellow, self-erecting,
produces 6*6cm exposures on 120 film.
It feels like I have been working on Cria forever, I started it the end of May and now I find myself mid July. I only have about 25 rows left on the left sleeve so the end is in site. Really no reason other than the work and the heat to be honest. The pattern is a lot of fun and I have to say I absolutely love this yarn. I would jump on the chance to buy it again.


  1. It's looking lovely. I really like the yarn; it looks like it has beautiful texture and drape...and the color is lovely!

  2. Your Cria is coming along beautifully and that yarn is muy tasty.

  3. Why do I think you fell off the Habu wagon again? It's tasty, though :)

  4. @fleegle Because her Habu is in the mail right now :D

    I love how your Cria is turning out! Yey to finishing it!! Great find on the camera too!

  5. Love the color choice as well as the design of the Cria, it is simple yet pretty in a way. I'm planning to make a vest with the same color, hope it will turn out beautiful like the one you made.