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Monday, January 23, 2012

kitty:Book Review & Book Giveaway: Shibui Silk

Book Title: 
Shibui Silk
Designer: Olga Buraya-Kefelian (AKA: Olgajazzy)
Publisher: Planet Purl Press
Approx. Retail Price: $18.00 USD (Knit & Purl)
Category: Knitting/Crochet
Pages: 30
Availability: Soft cover
Release Date: January 1, 2012

What a way to start the knitting New Year with a great new book filled with beautiful spring knits from Olga Buraya-Kefelian and Shibui, Shibui Silk. My first reaction when it arrived in the mail was pure happiness. The book far surpassed my first impression from the photos online. As you flip through the book you also get to enjoy how good the matt heavy weight pages feel. In the day where most of our patterns we buy are in pdf format this is really a nice treat.

There are 8 designs in the book; several sweaters, a pair of fingerless gloves, shawl/scarf, and a hat for woman.

Over the years I have knit quite a few patterns designed by Olga Buraya-Kefelian. She is particularly known for thinking her way through a pattern, and that care is certainly shown here. Her designs feature unique construction as well as interesting textures. There are also several patterns in the book that offer a more a modular design that lend itself to multiple styling options for her customers.  This is a trend that you can see if you follow her designs.

All photos are copyright of Shibui, I took Photos actual photos from the pages of the book.
So what treasures are inside:
  • Francis - I have to say this is the sweater that if I had the yarn for it I would be casting on right away. I really love the little flirty surprise this sweater is hiding in the back. From the front Francis is just a simple little tee with a round neck and short sleeves, but when you turn around the back is constructed like an over lapping tulip with a graceful curved hem. Great for letting in a cool breeze for those hot and muggy summer days.

  • Goltry - Goltry at first glance appears to be just a simple beanie, but when you look closer you notice the amazing texture spirals to the crown. Even the colour of the model fits into the trend for this spring season.

  • Laverne - One thing that Olga is really known for with her designs are garments that have interesting construction that can be styled multiple ways. Laverne is one of those garments. The sweater is worked sideways from the front edge with an incorporated i-cord edge and drawstring. You can wear it loose and drappy, cinched, wrapped, belted, or buttoned up.

    Really a prefect sweater in my opinion for the spring months that will soon be upon us. I am also really impressed with how pretty the colours are for Staccato yarn.

  • Ada - We have seen this trend before from Olga with Duplicity Pullover from her Ori Ami Knits book. By adding the fake layer to the sweater you have the appearance of a layered garment but not the added bulk. Ada is a cute little staple garment that can be worn as a vest or tank top for spring/summer.

  • Arnett - Wow... that is about all I can say. Even M loves this design when I first showed him the pictures he thought it was one of Olga's best designs. Everything about it is just a lot of fun. The little hidden pockets, the fact it is reversible. This is just one of those designs that will last forever and once again can be styled in so many ways.

  • Marlow - Marlow is a really good staple shawl to have in your wardrobe and something that would be a great car project. I could see many people knitting this as a quick gift for friends.

  • Prue - You know, I am not sure what it is about fingerless gloves. They seem to have become a staple for every knitter to have multiples for our outdoor wear and indoor wear. Prue is a lovely fingerless glove using a welted stitch that just may be too pretty to go outside.

  • Tulsa - I just started the scarf last night. I promised a friend before the holiday's that I would knit her a scarf and I thought this one would be a perfect. The pleats add enough interest so that it doesn't get boring but knitting on size 7 needles also means that it is growing quickly. Especially since my other project at the minute is on US 0's.

Okay, enough of me blathering about how much I like this book. Getting to the Free Stuff now!!! Olga was sweet enough to offer me a copy of the book to give away to my readers. I cannot express how excited I am about the giveaway. And to make it even more tempting there will be something else from me in the box to sweeten the deal. So to offer you multiple ways of entering here are three options.

  • For one entry, leave a comment with your favorite Shibui Silk Olga design.
  • Become a fan of Olgajazzy on Facebook and leave a comment about your favorite design on the Shibui Silk Book Album page
  • For a 3nd entry Tweet about the Giveaway on Twitter the message must contain the tag:
    And your favorite design from the book

I will accept entries until midnight on Monday, Feb 13th, and then announce the lucky winner in a post next Tuesday.



  1. That book, and the patterns, look breathtaking! Thanks so much for showing it to us! I love her patterns.

  2. Um, you mean you will let me have a chance? Can I put in an order for my sweater? I really like Francis and I am sure you have yarn in the stash to make one for me. Just no yellow or orange please. And Arnett would be pretty in a nice stormy gray for me. Or red or turquoise. Again no yellow or orange for me. Or even a soft chocolate brown since I know you have that color in the stash.

  3. Francis is my favorite, too.
    Thanks for the review and happy new knitting year!

  4. Francis is definitely my favorite. Love the back.

  5. love the Ada, beautiful!

  6. I love the beanie Goltry. I would use the color too! thanks for the review!