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Monday, February 03, 2014

Ready for a cuppa tea?

Pattern: Tea-Jenny
Designer: Kate Davies
Yarn: Foula Wool (3ply / Double Knitting weight / Shetland wool)
Colour: Black (A), Moorit, (B) Fawn (C) , Mioget (D), Grey (E), Light Grey (F), White

It looks like all my holiday knitting this year centered around Kate Davies patterns. For a tea drinker with a sense of humor I can think of nothing funnier than wearing a hat with tea pots gracing the sides and crowns. Luckily this one is going off to a friend that fills that bill.

I purchased the kit when it was frist announced from Foulawool, but there was such a demand my kit didn't come until the middle of January.The yarn is really lovely and a pleasure to knit since you can still feel the lanolin in the fiber. I love the different shades that were used in the hat. Though there is no way I would have purchased the individual hanks had a kit not been available the cost would have been rather insane for such little yarn used. I really do want to order enough of the yarn to knit a sweater for myself once it comes back in stock.

It was a really a fast knit. I finished it in just onder two nights. The biggest issue was the fact that the only US size 6 DPN's that I own were those plastic ones that were designed for people with arthritist. I really have never understood why they are suppose to be so good for your hand. Mine just hurt for days after using them. I also find that my stitches are a lot more uneven when ever I use them.


  1. I love it!! Thank you!!!

  2. so cute! I love the single light stitches in the teapots.