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Saturday, November 13, 2004

Kitty: Don't Tell

Shhhhhhhhh...... Don't let my Knitbuddy hear this but um um. um. I JUST GOT THE PHILDAR AUTOMNE 04/05 pattern book with the English insert. YEAH. YEAH. YEAH. I hadn't told her anything about it since I ordered from a site I had questions about, but I have become good friends now with the site owner. Knit-Knoddy is certainly a site that I would order from again and she has been super helpful in acquiring the French versions of the books. From what her distributor says, Phildar only does a couple of issues with English Translations. Lets hope they start to do more as more English readers learn the beauty of there patterns. There are several in the book that are on my list of projects to start.

[BONUS: YEAH IT GOT HERE with English Insert] Wonder what my knit buddy will say. She has been on vacation and away from her computer.

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