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Tuesday, November 30, 2004

meow: ready, steady?

Kitty Kitty knows me well. i pick up Erika Knight's Simple Knits with a Twist every time i see it at a bookstore. i love the unexpected textures, unusual materials, and soothing lines. the slippers are beautiful, but i don't know how practical they would be for me. i unequivocally adore the plastic carryall; knitting AND recycling--how can i refuse? that makes about 1,494,298 items on my want-to-knit list, not that i'm prone to hyperboles.

as for items i'm actually working on... it's been slow. "strawberry cream and chocolate ruffle" is only 32 inches. turning it over every 16 stitches keeps me at a snail's pace.

i do, however, have a decision to report for the oregano sweater. i'm afraid it throws my sanity into question. ok, i've done exhausive searches of sweater patterns, but nothing seemed quite right. perfectionism then went from a weight upon my shoulders to a strangle-hold around my neck. it said i have to draft my own pattern.

yes, this is my entry into the sweater-world; no, i don't wish to end my knitting career; yes, i am insane. i'm modeling the design after this Anthropologie sweater. my version will have 3/4 sleeves, no pockets, and a twist on the buttons (buttons!).

now, measurements, swatching, then grid paper. oh, and it will be knitted mostly in the round. um, will i regret this?...meow

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