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Tuesday, December 07, 2004

kitty: Think Pink

think pink knit-along washcloth project is complete. i promise to get a better picture when the skies are not black outside. you can hardly see the ribbon pattern on the right hand side. i picked up the yarn really cheap, it was a kit for a washcloth class and the store had extra kits. the chenille on the yarn seems to fray off really badly and there are already some thread bare areas which really worry me since it is a washcloth. the yarn is super soft and as meow.meow mentioned i used to have a cotton chenille washcloth that i adored. it became threadbare and my husband threw it away since it was pitiful looking. i was really hoping to recreate it, but i don't think this will fulfill my longing.

i think meow.meow's washcloth turned out so much nicer than mine. maybe i will go and pick up the same yarn to see how my think pink design turns out in a better yarn.

so on other knitting fronts, i had a salesman stop me in media play to ask about my knitted scarf. he was an avid knitter and has been knitting scarves for all of his female friends since he learned to knit a year ago. i thought to myself, hmmm what a great pick up line. "i knitted this scarf just for you." i would have been really touched in high school had a male friend given me a scarf he made for me. we stood there for about 15 minutes discussing knitting techniques and how to speed up his knitting. it was funny and cool experience.

my yarn for my fingerless gloves also arrived today. so i can begin swatching tonight.

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