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Friday, December 03, 2004

meow: oooh, arm warmers

i too have been taken by the fingerless glove craze. other than a tiny pair of wrist-length, pink & black fingerless gloves with bows (very eighties) i had when i was nine, i don't remember any particular fondness for gloves--well, real-life ones. how could i not romanticize the long, white, button gloves of ballrooms and tea parties?

enshrouding my fingers in fabric makes me feel stunted and muffled; i'd rather fling them off and embrace the cold. but admiring all the lovely fingerless gloves of knitbloggers out there has converted me. i want my hands to be warm. i want my fingers to be free!

below are a few meager links to further stir the love of fingerless gloves. they are nothing compared to the information Kitty Kitty has put together here (by the way, i appreciate living in a time and place when society is NOT patrolling women to ensure their glove behavior is not too seductive. oh the imagined transgressions of narrow minds!).

from Glovedup, an alternative designer in London:
-embroidered cream mesh
-modern black and white opera length

cute knitted ones:
-white argyle
-blue and white stripes

as for ones i want to knit: i am leaning toward simple arm warmers--elbow or opera length without partitions for my fingers or thumbs. i'm imagining some soft, warm, light merino wool. however, this must be relegated to the bottom of my list. promises for current project updates tomorrow. promises, promises... meow

1 comment:

  1. Oh, look! Another one for the opera length gloves!

    (Haven't seen opera length anywhere else on the blogs. Only in person.)