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Friday, January 07, 2005

Kitty: Discontinued

So why I ask you are the cutest and the most practical needles in the world being discontinued in the US market? They are green. Who wouldn't love there unicast plastic loveliness.

I had always been really curious about these needles, but I really didn't have a reason to own an 8 inch needle. I have not joined in on the sock craze yet. MeowGirl though was looking for a 12 inch 3's right before she left Ohio. She couldn't find them and I had a coupon at JoAnn's so I was doing the craft store run before she left to try to find her needles. Then I found out the horrible news. I had JoAnns look up Clover needles in there special order book and they were listed as DISCONTINUED. The horror flashed before my face, "Had I waited to long to pick them up? Would I never own a cute little unicast needle in a lovely colour? Would I never own a colour coded Japanese needle period?" So I went to a real yarn store that I knew carried Clover and checked her little basket where they lived. She only had one 22cm size 10. I had to find the owner to check immediately what was the true US fate of these needles. "DISCONTINUED." She informed me that she tried to order a box of each size just last week only to be informed that they had been DISCONTINUED. She was surprised since so many of her sock customers use the 8 inch to avoid double points and there is no other option in the US needle world. Clover smallest size now is a 16 inch.

I quickly stood in line for 30 minutes to purchase my little prize. (This is her big once a year yarn sale.) I knew MeowGirl would be upset as well with the news. I also had to inform her that I failed to find her 3's so no airplane knitting for her tomorrow.

So how does it really knit is probably your next question. Many have reported there fears of something so small being like knitting with your finger tips. They are small, but you really don't feel it when you knit. I knitted a small swatch and my tension was very uniform and had no issues with the size. MeowGirl though wanted the real test how did they work for knitting in the round? So she cast on an entire needle full of stitches. A few minutes latter she was knitting away and in total love. She though they were much easier to knit with then my 12" Addi Turbo's that I used for the gloves. I must agree, it is so nice that they are unicast and that the connector is larger so the stitches flow easily around the needle. They are very slick and have really nice pointed tips. A major plus in my book. Also the bend angle isn't as sharp and for some reason feels more comfortable.


Also here is a photo of new additions to the stash. Some Blue Sky Alpaca Organic Cotton and Trendsetter Yarns Bloom that I found on sale. I couldn't resist.

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