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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

MeowGirl: blah...

the weather hasn't been knitblog-friendly lately. it's rainy season here in Berkeley, and the current lack of natural light in this apartment discourages good photo posts.

i received a flower i adore from Takeyah for the Pinku Flower Swap, and i've been trying to catch a good photo to share for days. to no avail, the clouds work against me.

WIP to report: a buttery-yellow baby hat for a brand new niece in the family. the yarn is Flake Cotton by Ironstone Warehouse, 24 sts. per 4"/10cm (according to label), and thick & thin. i casted 136 stitches onto 3.3mm needles. 2x2 ribbing is now 2 1/4" or almost 6cm along. not sure when to stop. how tall should baby hats be? hmm....

strawberry cream and chocolate ruffle update: all 80 ends are weaved in. i pinned the scarf to a towel and spray blocked it. once it dried, i excitedly pulled out the pins and... frustration. it's as curly as ever. i don't think i'll resort to what fluffa did, but i'm in definite need of something more drastic.

i close today with a heartwarming story. my little brother reads this blog, which has enabled an unexpected sharing of this obsession. he was visiting and asked me what i was doing from another room. i said "unraveling" (i was finished with the swatch for the above mentioned baby hat). his reply was "frogging?!?! why are you frogging?"

my little brother used knitting jargon spontaneously without prompt. i started giggling with delight. i can't imagine how we could have bonded over knitting w/o this blog... meow

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