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Monday, March 07, 2005

Kitty: New Phildar Pattern Posted

Is that a new Phildar Tendances I spotted coming out on March 15, 2005 and a New Baby Book. So remind me again why there is no US distributor for these patterns and yarn. :(

Addition: Thanks Tiffany, the funny thing is that I had an order arrive yesterday from www.knitntyme.com. So very good timing with your comment. The order arrived in good shape and was extremely well padded. Thanks also Anonymous, I have ordered from www.knitty-noddy.com several times. Evelyn, is a dear. Unfortunately, she was not getting in the new spring Tendances so I ended up ordering from knitntyme instead. I was very sorry to not order from Knitty-noddy.


  1. You can find a limited selection of Phildar yarn at www.knitntyme.com in Canada. She has the magazines and has a pretty quick turn around on orders.

  2. www.knitty-noddy.com
    sells some Phildar !

  3. Sigh... My emails to Phildar have gone to naught, so I am going to need to try to call them. I suspect that there is no distributor in the US because for some reason Phildar is not interested in the market here, or they are just difficult to work with??

    I wish I could continue to carry the products, and get product information in a timely fashion.