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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

MG: boobholder's debut

boobholder was washed (shampoo & conditioner) and lightly blocked last night. today is her debut into the world.

it's a bit big, as you can see; it hangs limply around my ribs rather than hug them. despite that, i'm delighted with it. it's perfect for Berkeley weather, fun to knit (elegant circular construction), and cute. thanks to an excellent Glampyre Pattern.

specs: 3 balls of Elann Peruvian Wool in Victorian Violet. Glampyre Minisweater pattern with reduced rows for sizing (pattern is modification-friendly).


  1. it looks great! i just cast on for this with the same yarn. it seems like a wonderful pattern.

  2. oh so pretty! i love those poofed sleeves, so girly and spring-y!


  3. I love that sweater! It looks so cute!