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Saturday, April 02, 2005

Kitty: So sad her face isn't done :(

Everyone needs a softie GBA SP cover, well at least my husband does. As you can tell she still needs a face, but I thought I would post my most recent UFP. She even has a hair pocket on the back to hold a game or two so it doesn't scratch the console. I was somewhat limited by only being able to use non-fuzzy yarn. I would have loved to have made her pink hair something cool and fuzzy. But alas, no fuzz near a game console for him. It would have driven him totally crazy.

I am going to do a felt face, but I need to go and get some felt. The snow outside really isn't tempting me out.


  1. How cute, I sort of like it without a face.

  2. How Cute, I must say I like it without a face as well.