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Monday, May 09, 2005

Kitty: Maryland Wool and Sheep Report

What can I say, Maryland Sheep and Wool was absolutely amazing. It was such a happy day and to be honest I am so shocked things worked out and I got to attend. I had so much fun and left totally overwhelmed with all the yarn, roving, cute animals, and supplies. I couldn't believe how many people attended.Some booths were so full you couldn't squeeze through and with lines that lead out of the halls in to main paths. I really wanted a tee shirt, but the line was so long that wasn't going to happen.

And on top of all this, I got to spend the day with my Secrete Pal 4, Mia. We had a blast strolling the isles. To be honest I probably wouldn't have made it through all the exhibit halls had she not been there. She kept us as a chipper speed. (Ok chipper speed for me :) )

So I know you want to see some picture of the event, Click Here! (you know you want to click)

The next question I know you are asking is where are the loot photos. There was so much I wanted to buy, but in the end I didn't buy much.

Jacob Sheep- Stumpy's Roving

Frances Smith and Wendy Fast
Friendly's Roving

Wool in the Woods
hand painted Organic Cotton

Davidson Corporation
Easton Rapids, MI 48827
28/12 CPM Cotton

Sprit Trail Fiberworks
I am not really sure how I only ended up with one skein. Since I meant to buy 2 to make socks. I must order more since it is absolutely amazing colours. The photo really doesn't do it justice. More over they use rare, endangered, and unusual breed spinning fibers, one-of-a kind items. A Big Bonus in my book.

A cheap spindel and an Iroko African wood Lucet
The Lucet was from: Margaret a. Ledrich
435 19th street NW
Massillon, OH 44647-5347
The Spindel was from:Frances Smith and Wendy Fast


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