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Monday, May 02, 2005

Kitty: To Rib or not to Rib

So to rib or not to rib that is the question?
I have knit two swatches now, one on 6's and one on 7's. I really love the fabric that it creates in straight stocking knit, but I thought it looks a bit sloppy in ribbing. I was originally going to use the yarn for Tempting by Jenna Adorno, but now I am thinking I should find some deconstructed plain sweater for the yarn. I just think the colours of the yarn looks much better in stocking knit. So what do you think... to rib or not to rib?

The bamboo yarn is really interesting. The hand reminds me a lot of linen thread. It is rather stiff while knitting, but the fabric has a nice drape.

DG, thanks for posting a comment about the Japanese Knit book for #5 design. Check out the photos she posted from Teva Durhams new book "loop-d-loop"

It takes needles 6,8,7
7* 40 Gram balls
The Knit gauge is 20st /18rows
The Crochet gauge is 20st/9rows

PS: I can not wait to see your sweater MeowGirl. :) Hurry up and wash. Mine isn't dry yet, before you ask.

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