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Monday, August 08, 2005

Kitty: More Prince of Knitting Info and Links

I was checking the Ami Ami yarn link to see if they had posted there fall line of yarns link and I found more info about the Prince of Knitting, Mitsuharu Hirose. I can not wait to see what they post for fall. .

Bohiss. It turns out in July 2005 the Osamu's fine arts museum in the Tokachi Nakasatsunai village opened an exhibit of Mitsuharu Hirose's works. Here is a link to the report I found on Ami Ami's Japanese site. Click Here Just look at those dresses and his insane works of art.

Here are some other links.

Ami Ami - Link One The picture from the left is from the site. Look at the detail on that sweater

Another News review of a Prince of Knitting event

Cut lace pullover - This one doesn't say it is the Prince of Knitting, but it certainly does look like his works.

Here is a pattern to one of his designs that I found on there site: Black Sweater. Also if you were in the mood to make a Prince of Knitting sweater for your dog here is the info you need to make a sweater and then the pattern for the sweater once you have your measurements down.

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