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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Kitty: Treasures on Google

I was just googling and ran across an amazing site: Knitting From Japan at Knitjapan

They were featuring the 'fushiginoiroito' (meaning puzzling, strange and mysterious coloured yarns) exhibition, which was part of 'The 2001 Knitting & Stitching Show' that appeared in London in 2001 and was returning in 2005. The original exhibit was essentially a group of ordinary woman and housewives that had a love of knitting. They were not famous designers. The goal was to push ones individual abilities.

I can only find references to fall 2005 for the show. I wonder when it opens and closes? Anyone have any ideas? I know the show is going to be at the National Knitting Week 10-16 October 2005.

The works from the 2001 show were amazing.

Just look at the colour work here: "Green Lights" by Kazumi Saeki made out of Wool, silk, mohair, and angora yarns in 1995 or "Greens. Midori"

The materials here are amazing: "Tree II " by Tetuko Itoh made out of Fleece (Wool, Dog Hair), Factory made wool yarn or "Tree 1," Close up, or the sweater

Ok, I now know what to do with my old tapes: "Recycle" by Kimie Okinoi or the close up made of used audiocassette tape and videotape
The stand - expanded polystyrene, aluminum foil, acrylic poles, wood

I wish I could have seen the original show. WOW!

CRY CRY CRY, MG just sent me to a link to a workshop I really wish I could go to! Check out: Natural Dye Workshops with Cheryl Kolander

Also check out Cheryl Kolander new book : Brilliant Colors with Natural Dyes by Cheryl Kolander
25 years of intense labout to produce this book about Brilliant Colours on Silk - from Plants, Minerals and Insects.

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  1. Gosh, i wish i can go for the dyeing class too!