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Friday, January 06, 2006

Kitty: A Sock that Fits!

It Fits, It Fits, It Fits! I found two balls of this colour of Cascade Fixation in a sales bin. I was feeling really distraught that my No No Kitty, socks didn't fit I had to find something that would work. I still have no idea really on how to make the No No Kitty socks fit, so the yarn has gone back into the stash pile. So, I figured that a stretchy yarn might be the trick. On the advice of the clerk at The Yarn Shoppe, I went up a needle size. The Cascade Fixation, was large enough to be able to be used with the larger needles and the stretchy yarn kept me from having to upsize the Broadripple pattern to fit my large arch and thick ankles.

So I am very happy with my kind of odd black and white socks. Sock 2 is on the needles as I sit and patiently wait for my order from Kpixie. I ran out of the yarn for my husband's christmas gift. I really want to start another new project for myself, but his sad puppy dog eyes each night when he ask about his Harry Potter scarf keeps me at bay. I really hope they can find more of the yarn for the scarf.

And I leave you today with more holiday yarn porn. Check out the A-122 1/1 Gaudi yarn from Habu Textiles. I want to make the little felted handbag they show on there site. Thanks B, for my Christmas gift

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  1. LOL, Don't take this the wrong way, but the black and white socks make me happy and want to laugh so hard my sides hurt. There is something about the jet black next to the white they are just very funny.