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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

MG: back!

left wintery ohio, where i started a stripey sock with vesper yarn Kitty Kitty gave me (because she is terribly good to me). the color is "crew," i believe. it's toe-up, short-row heel and toe, stocking stitch, back seam increases for the calf.

still head over heels in love with my lendrum; still can't believe i have a wheel of my own. its appeal pulled every member of my family in for a turn at treadling; kitty kitty got a crash course. she needs a wheel; please encourage/pressure her towards her perfect wheel.

i've been spinning Blue Moon Fibers dyed roving and bluefaced leicester top. unfortunately, my little lendrum is in ohio to be sent to me, so the pictorial ode to the lendrum and photos of yarns on the bobbins remain on queue...

but look at my first lendrum-spun FO! it's Blue Moon Fibers roving--no other details b/c the tag was lost somewhere in the shuffle. i drafted a thin single and one of chunky thick-and-thin, both relatively low-twist and spun over the fold like i like to spin everything. the two singles were then plied together chaotically and joyfully. it was play with plying, which was fun and edifying. i think this yarn will become a hat. if you'd like, here is a closer look


  1. Welcome back MG, we missed you. That photo is really amazing. I have never seen snow or ice so your photo it really fascinating. How cold does it have to be to cause that?

    Vesper truly does please the viewer. Look at those stripes. WAH!!!!! I have never seen it for sale on Kpixie. I always miss it with the time difference.

    Wheel! Wheel!, Did I hear Kitty Kitty, needs a wheel.

  2. OH OH! What are you spinning now? Got any new pictures of what is on the bobbin.

  3. hi Anabel, thank you!

    i think that ice/frost photo was taken when about 15F/-10C outside, but it doesn't have to be that cold for things to freeze over.

    yes, Vesper yarns are elusive, so i'm doubly grateful to Kitty Kitty.

  4. ooo i dig those rovings! Yummy colors.

  5. Really! I cannot even imagine it being that cold.

    PS. Sorry MG, I don’t really have an email address that I give out since it is my cell phone. There is a café near where I work and live where I go to check out blogs and log on to Internet.

  6. Welcome back MG, we missed you.

    You go girl on the hand spun. It is lovely!

    What are you going to make?