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Friday, January 27, 2006

MG: keep going?

that's the start of my Norwegian Stocking for MJ's KAL!! it's an addictive knit. skipped lunch today b/c i couldn't put it down. there is a problem though (isn't there always with me?), the tint or shade of that blue isn't quite right. i was hoping for a subtle and muted effect, but this particular blue in combination with the brown and beige is screaming a bit. thinking about ripping back and using beige instead.

float-side out. wondering why the cuff is poofy and dense enough to stand a little? there is elastic in there, encased with a knitted hem (Marnie has a great tutorial here.) there were 9 DPNs involved in the hem-turning, but i'm pleased. it's clean finishing, and my stockings will be well behaved.


  1. i like the blue! it's very fun and a nice blue to boot. vote blue! ;)

  2. I love the blue!!!! it's fun, it's spunky, and I second Andrea its a nice blue to boot. It would be to boring with beige.

    M and I both vote blue! :)

  3. I vote blue, why do colourwork with out cool bright colours to make it shine out.

  4. I like the blue, too. Blue, blue, blue! Or, add brown stitches to break up all the blueness.

    - MJ

  5. The blue is my favorite part!

  6. Brown and blue are 2 of my favorites together! Question for ya - are you using those cute clover tiny circulars? I'd love to do these socks on circulars and have a pair of the green plastic ones...you can email me: yecatsml at aol dot com