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Friday, January 20, 2006

MG: lendrum ransom

in the comments to my last post, i received the following message:
Avast ye lily-livered lamb-lovin landlubbers! Ye'll not be gettin back yer wheel until ye pays the ransom! Doubloons aplenty!

--Cap'n Bulbous and his pirate crew
a certain someone, whom i've entrusted with my lendrum's journey, has orchestrated allowed Cap'n Bulbous to hold my wheel for ransom. even my beloved handspuns are but prisoners to this menacing crew out to exploit desperate fiber addicts. threatening messages and photographic evidence have landed in my email (pirates don't have real digital cameras, just cellphone ones):

"Arrrr! Cap'n Bulbous and his pirate crew are a-holden yer wheel until ye pays the ransom."

"Yo-ho-ho a pirate's life for me!" the cap'n himself in his monogrammed sweater.

"Arrrr!" i hear his eyepatch and dagger are made of post-its!

"avast!" post-it scimitar and newspaper hat.

even crabbycakes succumbed to the siren song of the fiber pirate.

as you can see, i'm in a pickle, especially since i've just run out of good old-fashioned Spanish gold coins. do you think Cap'n Bulbous and crew would accept handknit goods in return for safe passage?

1 comment:

  1. eek, i think i have a crush on the cap'n, he's adorable!

    sigh, those nasty pireate though, no heart no heart. how can they take your wheel?!