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Friday, February 17, 2006

kitty: back on track, too

Yeah MG!!!!!! Good Job for getting back on track!

I am back on track, too! Day 6 was 6465 stitches and Day 7 was 4729

It is a good thing that I am getting ahead of schedule, my shawl is so small. I know lace stretches and it is essentially on the bias from the center stitch, but I am getting very little stretch with my yarn. I love the way the lace looks, but considering I am already on pattern 10 of 12 and the shawl is around 13*30. With the original swatch I blocked I was at 3 inch long and blocked to 4 and 1/8. I need to do another swatch and do some serious blocking to decide how much I need to increase.

So what is a good size for a shawl?

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