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Sunday, February 26, 2006

kitty: feelings

Have you seen the article in about the Knitting Olympics, "Needling for gold" in Globeandmall.com?

It's hard to believe that 16 days are about to close to an end. Athletes from around the world gathered together for this short period of time to challenge themselves to compete with their peers. Where borders, politics, race mean nothing and time for peace and teammates are all that matters.(Or at least it should be that way.)

I have always loved watching the olympics, wishing that I had excelled in some sport so that I could have competed. (Hand and eye coordination and athleticism were not in my genes though.) As a kid I would go to bed during the games wishing I was the next XYZ competing for the US. Even dancing through the house pretending I was competing. For me though the closest I got was to compete in the International Science Fair with my peers for '88 and '89 where I was lucky enough to win my medals. So those were my olympic games.

So there was a lot of excitement for me with the Knitting Olympics. To find a challenge that forced me to work hard again to excel at my new sport. :) I completed my event and finished my entry in lace shawls.

Knitting Olympic thoughts, moments, and feelings.

1)I have gained real muscle definition in my hands this week. When I flex my hands you can see the muscles clearly defined with all this knitting.
2) Though crap I bent and twisted my no. 2 Addi's
2) I never thought I could handle knitting a lace shawl. It just seemed to daunting.
3) When given a task, my knitting speed is not to bad. I still can not believe how much I did the last night.
4) So cool that MG and I were able to cast on the same project together during the opening events. I feel very fortunate that happened the way it did, two knitbuddies together at opening ceremony in the same hotel room.
5) The coolest thing was the fact that 4,071 knitters around the world have gathered together to all knit together. In the spirit of the Olympics, knitting around the world.
6) I feel all warm and fuzzy about my accomplishment.

please click for larger photos


Olympic thoughts, moments, and feelings.

1) Joey Cheek truly understanding what the olympics spirit is all about.
2) That the Korean Press view it as 1-1 for this game with the competition between Ahn and Ohno. Since Ohno was DQ in one event it didn't count and US wasn't expected to be in the metal race for the relay. (Ok, for olympic athletes Apolo Ohno is definitely the one to make my heart go pitter-patter. Check out the topless Cosmo Guy issue cover, Apolo definitely "Melts the Ice." Apolo Anton Ohno website)
3) US won its first medal in Curling, though finding out that Bush watched a game made my stomach turn. Also so exciting that in 1 day during Torino they received more hits on their web page then they had in the history.
4) Go Picabo, the Olympic skiing team needs a lesson on huberous.
5) So sad that Grandma Luge, Anne Abernathy got hurt and couldn't compete at over 52.
6) The rise in older athletes.
7) The beauty of Shizuka Arakawa winning a gold medal, after coming back after Nagano where she placed 13th. Fighting back to the top of her sport when she only had herself and her family to believe in her potential.
8) Tanith Belbin and Ben Agosto winning a silver the first medal for the US in 30 years. A metal that almost didn't happen thanks to INS.
9) Sad feeling that the new scoring for figure skating has just made it harder to detect people cheating, but has caused the skaters to skate to a spreadsheet not there music and emotions.
10) We all have a face to blame when our browser locks with a spam attack, Dale Begg-Smith. He runs the third largest spam company in the world, no wonder he didn't want to reveal the computer company he owns. Spam King Dale Begg-Smith , The Age, Begg-Smith: Millionaire, Now Mogul Champ
10) Rena Inoue, pairs skater, is a knitter.
11) Bob Costas plug after the closing ceremony was over on prime time, to the Harvard admissions board to look at Joey Cheek's application one more time.

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