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Friday, February 03, 2006

MG: progress

progress photos on projects you've already seen. hope it's not too boring. i've been happily spinning and spinning and spinning the wensleydale. i had spun mostly undyed combed top, so dyed roving seemed to require a frustrating amount of wrangling and tugging at first. it's dripping out of my fingers more easily now. (closer view here.)

oops, my yarn is getting thicker. the photo betrays my impatience. spinning thinner yarns takes more time; there are hundreds of yards and hours of spinning in these four ounces. the ball of roving is diminishing visibly now, and i'm a little too excited about finishing and plying--because i wanna see what my yarn looks like!!! have to refocus.

i love the colors that are emerging--inky mauves, muted pinks, silvery purples. i'm a little worried about color distribution though. no more of the dark pink in the fiber i have left.

norwegian stocking is coming along. i kept the blue. every feedback (here and in person) was pro-blue, which caused my eyes to see the colors with a different perspective (i.e. without the lens of what i wanted it to be). might be a response bias in the blog data though. :) these will be my fun norwegian stockings, and i'll make a fancy pair later on.

it feels like i've been knitting ceaselessly--like a little addict--but i'm only at the ankle of the first stocking. i guess there were two froggings for tension issues. those vertical lines are unforgiving. i have both yarns in my left hand, and it took a while to figure out my perfect yarnhand setup.

at an ebb though. for fitted ankles, i switched to 2.75mm (US 2) DPNs, which turned out too snug. that little section has been ripped, and stitches need to go back on needles. but during test fits, the way the motifs stretched at the calves bothered me more and more. i think the yarn is thinner than i'd like it to be; it looks anemic when stretched. maybe it'll puff with wash. if not, i could always donate them to where they'd find better legs to fit them.


  1. oh my goodness - the inside of the sock is as beautiful as the outside!

  2. I think you should wear the socks inside out every other time. It is absolutely lovely. I am so glad you kept with the blue. They look so Norwegian and really could not be a better match with the other colours. It looks awesome, I am sure you are so excited to wear them.


  3. thanks Jennifer! thanks Heidi!

    heehee, i'm rather smitten by the strand-side of the stockings; i have to admit to turning it inside out and staring... often. :)

  4. How do you get your tension so nice? I tried making these exact some stockings with both yarn in my left hand and I can't get it to look anywhere near this good. They look gorgeous!