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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

kitty: "this is not the sweater you seak..."

Sorry, for being so quiet. I have pretty much just been in a poopie mood and in a major knitting slump lately. Spring fever I fear has struck and my wheel is delayed in New Zealand until the end of the month (It was suppose to be here last week.). So, I picked up my red raglan and tried to start over for the 4th time and realized I just didn't have the mental capacity to knit it right now in my current frame of mind. So I decided what I really need was just a nice generic sweater so I could photograph my kiri with me in the photo. But that has turned into a disaster.

Have you ever had one of those projects that is just doomed. I mean really doomed.

  1. I found Maggie Ireland Merino Aran on sale big time, I mean more than 75% off. How could I resist? With what they had by yardage I would only be about 2/3 of a skein short. In actuality I am 2 skeins short. So I just ordered more black, big deal.
  2. Saturday night I cast on while playing Dungeons and Dragon's new online game. This was a big mistake I cast on and didn't realize I had a twist so I had a nice mobious going for about 2 inches of ribbing. Ok... I just had to rip out. No big deal it was my stupid mistake. You would think it would teach me not to knit while playing a MPORG.
  3. Back on track, knitting during the Oscar's and was really cruising along and my needle's broke. My Addi went flying the cord had slipped out and about 50 stitches were now homeless. Not a big deal I found a little needle to pick those up until I could buy new needles.
  4. Monday night, with new needles in hand I was churning along and got about 5 inches done. I was so relieved I was back on track.
  5. Tuesday I added my next skein of yarn to the sweater and knit while I played DDO. Ummm... I forgot to check my pattern and realized I needed to split for the v three inches back. Ok.. more ripping... I can deal. Just take it down and fix it.
  6. Well, all I will say is I am sick and have the flu. You can figure out what happened with item 6.

So this was at 15 inches before I took it downstairs to fix. Bleck. I feel my good friend Yoda may be right. Yoda why didn't you tell me this on Saturday!


  1. Hope you feel better!! It will be a great sweater when you are done.

  2. Hope you feel better

  3. Hope you feel better! Everyone seems to have the flu these days.


  4. hope things are better now! i sympathize...i'm in a blogging slump myself. hoping you have a great week!