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Friday, March 10, 2006

MG: control

been feeling overwhelmed and stressed, so i went to my wheel for comfort. continuing a thick yarn i've been working on felt wonky, funny, and just not quite right. decided to practice spinning finely with the three draws i know. a little obsessing later, felt better. is it just a sense of control?

lemon cake from Paris Sweets by Dorie Greenspan made me feel better too.


  1. um, i keep coming back to look at the cake. can't help it!

    the bay area is chock-ful of good food, mmmmmmmm.

  2. Hi MG,

    So would you really recommend that CookBook? I have been wanting a simple cookbook for sweets, but just didn't know what to get.

    How on earth are you spinning that fine?


  3. hi Laura,

    yes! it is definitely one of my favorite baking books. but it might depend on what sort of book you are looking for.

    Paris Sweets covers a range of recipes from 4-ingredient butter cookies to fancy cakes. there isn't any tempting photography, just charming illustrations and prose about pastries and pastry chefs.

    it's a small book with a relatively small number of recipes. all of them evoke the wholesome fares of patisserie display cases. butter, eggs, almond, and citrus; creaming, whipping, beating, folding.

    i've made quite a few recipes from this book and loved every single one. oh, and can i just mention... earl grey madeleines!!!