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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

kitty: thank you

YEAH!!!! Look what came in the mail today, my softie from my swap partner. My new pointy kitty is so sweet.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

Though she may be a little overdressed, since it is 93 outside today. Amanda, GreenmountainMama, said she was made out of a vintage table cloth and has the cutest mohair stole with a P closure. (Check out the cute red work bird. She is a naughty kitty that got inked. :) )

She is so very sweet and loveable, thank you so very much. I love her and I was good I didn't peak on your site until today. :)

Check her out she is smelling the wonderful bar of soap that she included in the box.
Hug a dub dub.com I adore hand made soaps. Tea Tree & sweet orange. Yum.

I did quickly have to hide the chocolate away from the kitty, though um the blueberries are already gone they were so good.

Check out her site of natural bath products. If they are anything like the soap I am sure they are wonderful. I am really tempted to order her "So Long Skeeters!" Living next to a natural water reserve, skeeters are always an issue and they like me a lot.

Though I will say Organic bug spray does work (5 heads of garlic and 10 hot peppers with 2 cups of water purred in a blender and then spray down the outside of your house)

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  1. She looks so happy in her new home, I'm glad she arrived safely. Bug spray and stuff is on the way to you, I think you'll find that it smells a bit better than your recipe. I've used the onion/garlic/pepper combo in my garden, but never on me. and that reminds me that i still have some in the freezer from last years garden to use up.