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Saturday, June 10, 2006

kitty: my back tack kitty revealed

Saying good bye is hard to do..... Before I finished packing for my big trip, on Tuesday, P suggested we take one last walk in the lavender and to smell the flowers. It is really hard since we just meet a few days before. I have been hearing about her wild adventures in Vermont before she got here. I know KK is so happy she arrived.

P is such a bad influence, she is up to no good I tell you. She looks so innocent and sweet, but don't get her wrong she is a wild girl at heart.
Meow.... how did she sneak up on me so quickly? She really isn't going to take no for an answer she wants to play.

I guess it is time to go finish packing, I have a long trip ahead of me. I will miss you P, hopefully you will write.

Saying good bye is hard to do, but I hear there is a Babybug who I can hopefully win her heart. I really hope she likes me. I am looking forward to seeing what this Hawaii is all about.

First of all I want to thank the wonderful gals at BT3 for hosting yet another great Back Tack. It was also incredibly generous for Hilliary Lang to donate patterns for the swap.

Pattern: Pointy Kitty by Hillary Lang
Materials: Hand Dyed Batik, White and black Organic 100% Wool felt, Poly Fill made from recycled materials, 1 curtain weight, Lady bug buttons, white embroidery floss

For the most part I followed Hillary's pattern. I did make a few variations on the pattern:
First of all, I changed the eyes for the kitty. I really wanted to go more with a Japanese anime eye for the kitty. I ended up adding the initial to one of the eyes.
Second I change the head orientation. I ended up putting a very small curtain weight in the tail area to counterbalance the kitty so she would stand up with such a large head on the side.
Third, I decided my kitty didn't need stripes. With the Batik they appeared to heavy and out of place.

The pointy tail and paws were a huge challenge. I realized when I sat down to the machine that it had probably been 10 years since I had tried to use it. Ok maybe it has only been 9 years, but I certainly couldn't remember how to thread the bobbin.

PS. I heard today that she arrived safe and sound so it is safe to finally post. Check out Babybug opening the box. She is so adorable. :)

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  1. ROFL! How cute! What a cute softy and the little girl who opened it looked so happy.