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Sunday, July 30, 2006

kitty: in search for the perfect size triangular winter shawl

The Specs:
Pattern: My own
Yarn: 3 hanks banana silk from Pure Knits
Needles: Size US 13
Modifications: I would keep more detailed increase records so I didn't have to rip out the other side so many times to get it even.
Time: 6 hours approximately

I have been thinking a lot about what makes the perfect lace shawl for me.

Size - I think most shawl wearers prefer a shawl that is at least long enough to cover their "wingspan," the distance from one hand to the other across the top of the back.

The problem arises though for the rubenesque knitter that to knit a shawl that is wide enough to cover there wingspan the length from top selvage edge to the point becomes ridiculously long. A similar problem with raglan sleeves, I may have a 50-inch bust but my arms are not 18 inches from my shoulder to the middle of the underarm.

Shaping the triangle shawl - From what I could figure out there were several approaches for making a triangular shawl:

After much consideration, 3 above seem to be the best comprise approach for someone with a larger wingspan. You can easily increase the long edge just by lengthening the cast on and bind off area thus not having the bottom point extend past a normal shawl length in the back. So the best of both worlds enough to cover the wingspan and not destroy the shawl by setting on it.

And on a side note with longer sides, if you are thinner you can do a lot of fun wrapping techniques with this design that are not usually possible with a symetrical shawl.

Now the only problem is finding intricate fun lace patterns that are designed in this style.

And not to forget some awesome Food Porn - Hot Spring Italian Sausage Miso - & - Amazing Seaweed paste/miso paste Cat fish that had been soaked in Italian Mineral water with Bamboo, and lotus root grilled on a sheet of seaweed, Awesome Tofu with white seasame sauces and La Zu, Seaweed Salad, and rice. Yum I tell you and I have actually lost a lot of weight with my healthy new food diet. HAPPY DAY! HAPPY DAY!


  1. I don't know why you didn't model this for us today. It was so cool at 96 degrees here in Columbus. I am sure you were cold and needed it. :)

    Hope you are staying cool.

  2. PS> The shawl is lovely