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Sunday, July 16, 2006

kitty: world cup finale update on fo's

After a week of grabbing my heading and wishing that my migraine would just finally go away the sun finally has came out and the tornado warnings have ended. I finally feel like a human being again and up to posting my photo heavy update.

I feel really accomplished with how much I got finished during the Knitting World Cup especially considering I really didn't have a lot of time to knit. I only knitted while watching games and waiting for computer processes to finish running. In 30 days, I finished 2 sweaters, 1 city shawl, and another sweater that is finished except for sewing in one sleeve but destined for the frog pong.

I absolutely love my two new sweaters designed by Stefanie Japel. It is no big secrete that I am a rubenesque girl, but these sweaters make me feel pretty and girly. I am in love with them both. This is a true credit to the designs. So many plus size patterns are tents or are just extrapolated patterns that have weird shapes created for larger sizes.


  1. congrats - these are great knits! you look fabulous in them, and i believe this is the first time i've seen your face, so nice to meetcha finally ;) hee.

    go you, kitty kitty!

  2. And they look lovely on you too. I'm so impressed at the amount of knitting you achieved. I didn't even get as far as swatching.... :)