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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

kitty: images of cashmere sweaters floating in my dreams

In July, Cookie from Knitters anonymous posted about just receiving a sample collection from ColourMart UK. They are a reputable ebay seller who sells cashmere yarn from the UK at a pretty reasonable price. I must admit the wild fantasies of knitting a cashmere sweater started floating through my brain. So since it is finally starting to feel like fall around these parts, I spent my dollar and ordered away.

I have to agree where her quick review. I am not that impressed with there thicker yarns. They are very loosely twisted together and splitting is way to easy. (Check out the green dk weight 6 strands)

2 Strands of the red lace is absolutely amazing though. Knit on USA 1's I was really happy with the finished fabric. The yarn was super soft and I really fell in love with it. Rationally speaking though I would probably go with 2 strands of the 4ply if I actually wanted to knit a garment. The lace might be fun for oh say Eunny's new breathtaking socks, but I don't think I could handle knitting a garment out or even shetland lace. I don't have wires to knit on yet. (Addi hurry up I need some 000 needles please there is cashmere that is calling me.)

So now to decide on the colour and what I want to make. One of my happiest childhood clothing memories was curling up in my grandmothers cashmere coats to brace the winter cold. Cashmere and Cammel hair always makes me think of my grandparents.

Swatch Report - Knit with either KnitPicks needles for the 1& 2 and Addi for the 4

Lace: Red 2 strand - 9st *12rw/1" USA 1
Red - 10st X 14rw/1" USA 1

4ply: Pink 2 strand 7.5st *12rw/1" USA 3
Pink 8st * 14rw/1" USA 3

DK: Green 6st* 10rw/1" USA 4
Green 6.5st * 12 rw/1" Us 3

Project Runway news: (Yes, Yes, I am an addict)
So I guess the hat is out of the bag, no one is getting kicked off Project Runway tonight; Laura, Ulrike, Jeffery, and Michael all get a chance. You can check out the shows via New York Magazine. Now the wait begins to see who wins this season.

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