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Thursday, September 07, 2006

kitty: sorry to be so quiet lately

Just a little sneak peak, I actually have a FO after several weeks of silence. WOHO!!!! Life has taken on a new level of hectic reality. So very little crafting or knitting is taking place except while I have been waiting for databases to upload so I could test one more time. During that time it has mainly been cursing as I ripped out these sleeves one more time because I didn't like how the edges looked or in reality I didn't really decrease the row.

I must say that I really love my new sweater with all my heart. Yes, Meow Girl... I did swear I would never knit lace. I admit it, lace is the only thing I am currently even thinking of knitting. You were so right and I was so so wrong about lace.

Well back to work and some house cleaning for me maybe I will get to bed before sunrise tonight. I just had to post since I was so excited about how it turned out. I will try to get a real photo soon. :) YEAH!!!


  1. that looks just gorgeous - and i love the color. yay for lace - and yup, isn't it just terribly addicting?

    yay for posting as well - i was wondering what was up with you two gals. hope everything is good, although obviously busy busy. ;)

  2. Seriously Gorgeous!! I'm really giving this pattern a second look now.