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Monday, September 25, 2006

MG: crafty bits of my summer vacation

miffy! details and link to download pattern at PaperKraft. hubby found this, printed it, and cut out the pieces; i glued. a deliciously spherical miffy--the juxtaposition of paper and something so round. schematic is in Japanese but easy to decipher. just pay attention to mountain versus valley folds. did you know...
Making Miffy sad can take days. Bruna begins with five or six tears and while he is working, he takes a tear away. "At the end I have one big tear, and that is the saddest tear you can have." (from "Bunny Love," a Guardian article found via brainylady.)
food is very crafty. masa cakes (masa, butter, water) with cheese and kernels of corn hiding inside:

nori seawood, cucumber, shitake mushroom, wakame seaweed, and fish cake atop udon noodles--awaiting broth:

apple pasties ready for the oven:


  1. oh, miffy! i love her. thank you for that link! and apple pasties make me smile.

  2. that is sooo cute!!! and u r still making me hungry in the middle of the night. :D