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Thursday, February 15, 2007

kitty: Happy New Years!!!!!!! a little early


Onk.. Onk... Happy Year of the Pig, 4704!

I know I am not the first Knit Blogger to post this commercial, my friend Monna from Knit Knut Matters actually posted it a few days ago. I was really moved by the Granddaddy carving the chop sticks so I decided that I needed to add him to the site to wish everyone a Happy Chinese New Years as well. I started crying pretty much from the start of the commercial. It reminded me so much of the afternoon my Granddaddy sat and carved a slate grave stone for our cat that had passed away. So it brought back so many memories of my family and the dear family members who live only in our memories now.

Of course M, saw it and his first comment was it would have been nice if they had gotten a native speaker to do the commercial. His chinese is horrible, but that is M.

Things have been pretty crazy these last couple of weeks and part of the reason I am posting an early New Years greeting. I am off to Shanghai on Friday to celebrate Chinese New Years in China. This is normally the time of year where I would be heading off to San Fran the first week of March to catch the parade and open market, but M and I decided to go visit his brother in China this year. Also this will mark the first time my feet have left US soil, so I am extra excited.

Happy New Years to one and all. Hope the year of the pig will be a good one for you and your family.

PS. I hope a special someone in my life recovers quickly from her surgery. Feel better and know that I love you and will be thinking of you.


  1. We all know that M speaks Chinese all day long. ;)

    I can't wait to see the photos from Shanghai. You will have to eat plenty of rice, noodles, and leafy veggies for me there. Celebrate the Year of the Pig to its fullest!!!

  2. i think he is a perfectly fine speaker. it's a commercial for Malaysia, a dialect area different than M's, and where people probably hear with fondness the dialect-influenced Mandarin of their grandparents.

    in fact, it reminds me of some ah-gongs and ah-mas of my own experience. grandpa Mandarin is good and very sweet.

  3. MG is right. Just like we hve different accents of english, we have different accents of mandarin. Here in Malaysia, when we watch different mandarin tv series, we can tell which ones are from Taiwan, which ones from Singapore/Malaysia and which ones from China. The words are the same but the intonation is totally different.
    Anyways,on a different note, aren't ah gongs and ah mas the best teachers any kid could have?

  4. Happy new year! Enjoy your trip and take care.

  5. Happy CNY! Have a great one in Shanghai!!