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Saturday, March 17, 2007

kitty: Japanese Craft Books - 4893969536

Japanese Craft Books - Amazon Jp - Hana Gifts

Updated: Making fashionable clothes from
old fabrics and kimonos.
Thanks MG for posting your translation in the comments!
106 pages - 2007/01
ISBN-13: 9784893969538

To be honest, I really have no hopes of ever fitting into any of the Japanese sewing patterns that I have bought in the past, but the books are so beautiful I always gravitate to them.

This book basically takes the approach of having an amazing print fabric and combining it with a basic staple fabric. They explore the concept of taking a vintage expensive fabric and making a garment still affordable to construct the garment. I guess I was also envisioning using my hand woven with commercial fabrics or buying vintage kimono scraps.

The book contains a lot of super cute designs; ranging from something you would wear about town, to the office, a formal evening at the ballet, or a summer garden party with a cute little cape.

The first of the book is colour images of the garments, followed by the schematics for the designs. (I overlapped the sketch of the items below. They are not in the colour section of the book.) Then fold out patterns to trace.

Skirts, vest, garden dresses, capes, formal skirts, blouses, shirts, purses, scarves, flirty tops, shorts

1 comment:

  1. i love scrap and reuse crafting!

    i think the title is something like making fashionable clothes from old fabrics and kimonos.

    (japanese text from amazon japan link):
    古布(kofu, i think: old fabric)
    で(de[particle]: using, with, by, etc.)
    作る(tukuru: to make)
    おしゃれ(oshyare/oshare: fashionable, stylish)
    服 (fuku: clothes).