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Saturday, March 03, 2007

kitty:Sweet Treasures come in Brown Boxes from MD!

Sweet Treasures come in Brown Boxes from MD!

Thanks so much Mia for the awesome treasure box that came this week. (The chocolate didn't make it to the photo in fears of consumption by M.)

I know what will be next in the project que to be knit. I am going to start swatching tonight actually. I can officially say that my VSv sample shawl is finally finished and all the ends are woven in, so I am in need of a new project. This Orange is certainly a happy Colour!

Mia was sweet enough to send me this amazing Natusha yarn and the pattern for the cable sweater on the left. To cool. Thank you so much, Mia.... Sorry for the late posting of a Thank you note. It has been a long week.

Nashua Hand knits Creative Focus Chunky in Orange

Nashua Relax Pattern Book

She also included some lovely Queen Anne's lace weight yarn, chocolates, and the treasure of the god's Chocolate covered Altoids.
PS. The photos were taken with M's new camera since the LCD screen died on his Fuji in China.
If you have time and find yourself in NYC you might want to catch :Radical Lace & Subversive Knitting
Althea Merback, Gloves, 2005
Wire-knitted silk Collection Kentucky Gateway Museum Center
Museum of Arts & Design • 40 West 53rd Street • New York, NY 10019 • 212.956.3535

There are certainly times when one wish to live in a big city where art museum flourish. An old friend of my brother-in-law, just sent mg and myself a link to a totally cool exhibition that is going on in NYC. I would love to see those wire knitted gloves above in person, but probably not going to get time to hit NYC before June unfortunately.

Radical Lace & Subversive Knitting


  1. Yes, the chocolate has to be rationed out to M. But I am sure that he will smell it out eventually. He does know my packages always contain something for him. Plus, you gave him some...

  2. That orange Natusha yarn sure look warm and cheerful. :) Are those knitted gloves really that small? It almost looks impossible.