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Monday, March 19, 2007

MG: in love with belly warmers

it started when i noticed the knitted tube around Grandpa Umatarou's tummy on Yakitate Japan. it looked like some sort of traditional tool of warmth. i thought it could be cute under the right circumstances and also a knitted hug for my tummy, so i googled about for history and examples to inform the one i'd like to knit.

they are called haramakis ("maki" like what you might order at a sushi restaurant, you know, to roll yourself up in) and thought to be good for cold hands and feet, stomach aches, cramps, etc. the same way a hot water bottle is good (especially if it comes in a knitted cozy).

then i found this PingMag article and became completely smitten by the super cute, modern Habonichi versions. i now want to knit a half-dozen of them: cabled ones, colorwork ones, argyle ones, ones for sleeping, ones to hide under a shirt, ones with pockets (b/c there are not enough pockets on women's clothing), even one with a passport pocket on the side against my belly. i love the orange one above. perusing other photos in the article, they work surprisingly well into everyday outfits. i wanna start one straight away.

i went button-hunting at Stonemountain and Daughter. there is an FO soaking away in conditioner at this very moment.


  1. Call me easily influenced if you like.. but I'm with you on the belly-warmer fixation now. The design that immediately popped into my head was an 'easy fair-isle' tube top from Veronik Avery (I'm sure I just butchered her name..) that was in a recent IK magazine.. just pull it down and its a belly warmer!
    One thing I love about Japanese fashion spreads is how they seem to have layering down to a science.. and I love me some layers.

  2. There are patterns for rib warmers that you could probably turn into something similar.

  3. love the layers, i agree with mouse. i bet you'll totally rock the belly warmers. hm, just the right thing to do with handspun, don't ya think?


  4. I saw that first pic and it was like 'just ok'. Then I saw that second pic and the world opened up. It's pretty cool actually! Looks a bit like a corset. Love it with buttons. Don't mind me, :D I might just follow you on this and knit one.

  5. Oh... my.... God....

    Must... knit.... belly.... warmer... NOW!!!

    So cool and weird. I'm always cold so I'm all over this. Thanks for the tip!