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Monday, April 23, 2007

kitty: an amazing weekend, I need a kitty nap

SO SO SO.... The weekend was absolutely amazing. I can honestly say that after the weekend I actually feel like a weaver. The techniques and patterns were way over my head. When I sat down to weave my first sample Saturday morning, I had never woven with more than one colour and here I had to weave with two colours, not alone three (the next loom I sat down at), or charts that last 30 patterns repeats.

Things got a lot easier as I got over my anxiety attack that I had setting at the first loom. The guest teacher, Robyn Spady was really patient with me. Showing me tips and tricks to fix my mistake and laughing when I swore one repeat was enough of my favorite pattern of the lot only to find that when she came back I was on repeat 3 and zooming along happy as a clam.

I can honestly say that I would jump on the chance to take another class with her and would highly recommend her as an instructor if you want to learn a lot about techniques that are not normally taught. She has spent a lot of time researching 4 harness looms and the structures that can be woven on them. The thing that impressed me the most is how organized her booklets are and the bibliographic resources in the back.

After the class, I also joined the Central Ohio Weavers Guild. This is certainly a nice group of people that I would love to learn more from.

Here is a thumb nail images, I made from the photos I took of the Round Robin after we all cut them off of the looms. I wish I could remember whose swatch I took a photo of to give credit to the wonderful group of gals and guy. That I was very remise over. The 1, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 14 were ones I wove.

The Class title: There's Two Sides to Every Cloth
Date: 4-21 - 4-22
Organization: The Central Ohio Weavers Guild
Instructor: Robyn Spady

On the knitting front, I may or may not be having an issue with second socks currently. I have two socks done and three lonely socks on the needles.

Cookie's sock turned out amazingly well and I absolutely love the pattern. I am really sad that I didn't have enough yarn to do the second pattern repeat on the leg.

The pink and purple sock is out of Apple Pie yarn by Apple Laine. It is just a simple broken rib from the Sensational Knitted Socks; Mia was sweet enough to give me her extra copy of the book. I thought I would start out with a quick pattern as I figured out how the book was formatted out.

The third one is a pattern of my own that I am playing around with. The working name is "Birthday Cake." I am not sure exactly who made the yarn; I need to check with Mia


  1. You think I remember what yarn I sent you? Bring it with you next week and I will check it out.

  2. whoa!! U weaved all that in a day?!?!?! Superb!

  3. beautiful weaving, and i love the pattern of #14! ah, weaving.. another craft i have only dipped my toes into, so to speak.

    see ya soon ;)

  4. Everything looks wonderful. "SSS" strikes a lot of knitters. The socks look great and wish you speedy knitting to make their mate. Did I just rhyme?