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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

kitty: anyone having problems with Louet Gems Pearl yarn?

The Specs: Twisted Flower Sock Pattern by Cookie A
Yarn: Louet Gems Pearl
Needles: 2.25mm
Time: so far 5 hours
Cost: $17.00

Yes, yes, yes, I know I have been really bad about posting wp photos as of late. There have been so many projects as of late that I never got around to photographing until they were done. I promised a certain person that I would try to be better and posting photos. So here is my most recent project I am working on.

Cookie's new patterns are really amazing. I feel in love with the pattern the first day her site went live. I started swatching for it with another yarn which was to squishy (my yo sank into the pattern) so I ordered the Louet Gems that the pattern called for. Though I am really curious have others had problems with the Louet yarn quality or did I just get a really bad skein?

There have been about twenty places so far that are like the photo above. (underspun, overspun, appears as thick and thing hand spun, pulls) That is the reason I opted for only one pattern repeat. I am really uncertain whether I have enough yarn to finish the sock. I keep cutting them out. Though there are a few places I decided to live with.

Has anyone else had problems with the yarn? I seriously don't think I would buy it again or any indie dyers that use it as there base yarn. This hank is just really crappy.

On a side note, things have been pretty crazy at work for me lately. So I need to keep reminding myself that I deserve to take even a few minutes to spoil myself. (Yes, MG it is what you think it is in the cup. :) See, I finally drank a cup.)


  1. So I am guessing it is a really, really expensive matcha? Good for you not saving it, tea should be enjoyed even if you are alone.

    Thanks for posting the wp, Cookie's patterns are amazing. Though I don't think I am brave enough to try them.

  2. The question is how do you feel about the pattern? I thought it looked scarry.

  3. Rats, it's aweful about the yarn. I am really curious to hear if other knitters have had the same problem.

  4. About time you posted a work in progress. ;)

    And after the day you spent Monday and Tuesday, you deserve a break. I have no clue about the Gems but you already know that. You may have just gotten a bad skein.

  5. your fancy matcha!! good for you, yay! how was it?

    Claudia's Hand Painted uses Louet Gems as a base yarn i think, and the skein i have is very nice--consistent. not sure this helps your stinky-yarn situation though. :(

  6. You definitely got a bad skein. Have you tried to contact Louet? Your sock looks awesome. Someday I'll be ready to tackle that pattern.

  7. sorry, I'm of no help here..:) but darn, those are really good looking socks! Looks so complicated. Is that green tea I see there? Take it easy dearie..:) we all need a break once a while.

  8. I just bought a pound of the stuff undyed, and it looks good. I think you must have a bad batch. Maybe you could get a new skein from whomever sold it to you?

    (I love the blog, by the way. Except now I'm obsessed with trying to find an out-of-print Japanese pattern book.)

  9. Wow... I think you have a bad skein. I've used Gems several times and always found it very even, no under or overtwisting at all (and nothing like you've shown.)

    Twisted flower is on my to-do list, too :)

  10. Oh, i am sorry to hear about your yarn, but i have used two skeins recently of those, ginger and orange colorways and it was great quality, i think you just got a bad skein.
    Fancy matcha!