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Thursday, April 19, 2007

MG: moving

hi there. thank you for all the lovely comments about my puffy-sleeved Zimmermann raglan. i've been remiss in answering them partly because blogger stinks about email addresses, partly because all the nice attention flustered me, and partly because things have been hectic.

to answer some questions... i didn't alternate skeins in rows; i took my chances one skein at a time. the kettle-dyed Araucania varied as it wished with differing circumferences (spirals in the body; stripes in the yoke) and differing skeins (subtle in the sleeves; contrastive in the body). the only purposeful choice was making sure the two sleeve skeins were similar. the sweater is structured on the Zimmermann seamless raglan in Knitting Without Tears. i made up those puffy sleeves and will definitely write up a post to share my shaping and numbers.

i've been packing up my life and moving... a few thousand miles. i left berkeley and am now in the dayton area of ohio working out the next stage of my life.

it takes the heart much longer to move than the body. i'm homesick. i miss skies so blue one swears there is a purple tinge to the sky. i miss the ever-present companionable breeze blowing from the chilly waters of the bay. i miss spring evenings saturated with mock orange, so sweet one could get drunk on the scent. i miss soaking in my neighborhood cafes; guiltless organic, fairtrade coffee. i miss my bookstores. i miss the farmers' market appleman who knows how devoted i am to his braeburns and warns me when their season is about to end. i miss vibrant, diverse, local, fresh, handmade food. if you are (ever) in the bay area, eat something tasty for me.

cheese danish from a tiny donut shop

handmade noodles, onion pancake, veggie buns

farmers' market goat cheese and fruit

crunchy tacos and pineapple aqua fresca

farmers' market goodies

rice noodles and veggies in lime broth

mushroom curry, naan, chai

veggie rolls and vietnamese sandwich

how i spent my evenings


  1. Sorry you're homesick - hopefully you'll find something to love about your new home as well!

  2. If fiber will make you feel better, there's a little fiber fest just north of town on the 28th.

  3. MG, it will get better. Just remember that in a few weeks you will be at the fiber festival. And I will make a point to pick up some food for you to eat at the festival. I will have it in my cooler. And I am happy to hear that you liked your welcome home/your big brother is an idiot yarn.

  4. Ugh. It's been a year and a half since I moved from the East Bay, and just seeing this entry makes me homesick like crazy.

    Those must be Tacubaya tacos. And I had an apple guy I adored, too.

    Hang in there.

    - A new reader (now based in Carrboro, NC)

  5. Your post and photos made me drool with hunger.. all of that food looks absolutely amazing! Food is one of those things I always miss from places I've lived..

  6. ah..the comfort food. it takes a while to get use to it. Cheer up, u have all the new experiences to look forward to :)

  7. Always remember good things can be found in any city you live, they may not be obvious on the surface and you may have to look harder than you did in the past. Any city can be a good home it is what you make of it.

  8. oh wow! that's so far away. i hope you'll get settle in soon. i'm heading to berkeley this coming weekend. i will think of you when i'm there. take care MG.

  9. Oh, some places are really that extra. This place will live in your heart, all your memories are valid. New experiences will be added from new places.

    But, I suppose, you can always go back sometimes. Even if it is en 20 years?! I lived in the south of France for a while. And I can tell you, there is no place like that when it comes to the climate and nature. My dream is to return some day, with my family. Perhaps a summerhouse, or a permanent livling. Who knows?

    Hope you'll find out new wonderful things about your new area.

    Lookind forward to the details about your wonderful EZ-sweater. It is, as I've commented before, soooo coool! Why not write down the whole pattern ... and sell it? It would be a EZ-based pattern though your own due to the many adaptations. Don't mind. Cheers!