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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

kitty: Japanese Craft books - 9784021904141

Japanese Craft Books - Amazon Jp - 9784021904141

Lacework Four Seasons
79 pages - 2007/03
ISBN-13: 9784021904141

I am in love with this series of books and I am not a hooker.(4021904026, 4021904018, 4021904131, 4021904166 ) They are highly detail oriented with step by step photos of all the major skills needed to create the trims. Definitely a good resource though if ones design needed a fancy crochet edge. Some are absolutely breath taking.

Now whether I could actually use them is a whole different question. Of course if I fail I know my mother would enjoy them if nothing else. :)

Contents: 100 lace trims broken down into like designs and seasonal themes.

Section on: Finished examples, Photo pages followed by either step by step photos or charts.

Sorry about the photos- no matter what I did the glare was just to much on the pages.


  1. i'm completely and utterly in love with this book!

  2. Your glare is caused by using the flash. Turn the flash off on your camera. Turn on all the lights in the room or if it's daytime, bring it outdoor to take photos without flash. For indoor, set your camera to a high ISO number, and set to f/2.8 if possible.

    Do this when taking photos of any objects that has a shiny or glossy surface. Your camera will automatically adjust to the surrounding lights and will take better photo. The only downside of this is camera shaking which will blur your photo. So, set your camera on a tripod and use a timer to snap the photos without shaking.

    Hope these tips help you for next photos.