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Friday, August 31, 2007

kitty: the owl delivery made it

item: Harry Potter Socks
yarn: Brightdyes - Preston, UK
content: 100g 435 metres sock yarn 75%wool 25% polyamide,
price: $19.00
time: A couple of days during a Gaming Convention

I can finally post a photo of these socks since the Owl made a delivery yesterday to Maryland.

I missed the Harry Potter Sock swap that was going on this summer so Mia and I made an agreement to knit each other a pair of Harry Potter Socks. The first yarn I ordered for her socks I absolutely hated, but it was in HufflePuff colours, which would be the house I would put Mia in for her loyalty and friendship. I couldn't find another good indie dyed Hufflepuff yarn so I went with Gryffindor. Since Mia had a long conversation with the sorting hat to get into the house of her preference. Though we all know the truth................

I had a lot of problems with the yarn. Knitting on double points probably wasn't the best choice since every time I looked I was getting a new ladder between the needles. I ended up having to move them two stitches every row. The stripes though were incredibly even which I really liked.

I still want to knit her a pair of Hufflepuff, but I will need to find the perfect yarn.


  1. Those stripes look absolutely perfect.
    I suppose if I had to spend two days at a gaming convention, I would get a pair of socks done, too. :)

  2. An amazing set of stripes on that handsome sock! BrightDyes is certainly apply named!

  3. Well done. They look great.