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Friday, August 10, 2007

MG: 1/52, baudelaire

pattern-Baudelaire by Cookie A. yarn-2 x 25gram skeins of Jamieson's 2 ply Shetland Spindrift (100% shetland, 150 yards per 25 grams, about 18wpi). can't locate label at the moment, so no color number. :( needles-2.5mm (US 1), 32" addi lace circular. mods-shortrow toes; 2x2 rib at cuffs; cables continued through cuffs.

the toe-up heelflap in this pattern is a smart construction--lovely fit, no pickups at the flap, amenable to make-it-up-as-you-go-along toe-up sock knitting. it may displace shortrows as my default heel.

Shetland Spindrift is a bit thick-and-thin with a matte, fuzzy surface, all of which contrive to compete with the stitch pattern. the yarn creates a flatter and more rustic definition than Cookie's plump-yarned original. continuously waffling on whether this is a good thing or not.

still, i love these socks. the shetland yarn feels crisp and warm (hope it wears well). the pattern is intricate; the construction considerate. two features to keep me extra warm: three half-rows of Kitty Kitty knitting and one half-row of Andrea knitting are in the pair. they tested the addi lace needles on these, thereby sprinkling some fond memories into the fabric for me.


  1. *hugs* So so sweet!.. I really love how they turned out.

  2. Warm, fluffy, gorgeous! What else do you need?

  3. Think everyone has been seduced by handpainted lace yarn at least once. The skeins are so beautful, who could resist?