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Sunday, September 16, 2007

kitty: Japanese Craft books - 4895113582

Japanese Craft Books - Amazon Jp - 4895113582

Gifts to Give - Handweaving
Avril Yarn Shop 143 pages - 2004/11
ISBN-10: 4895113582

Did I mention how much I want a loom again? Though the honest truth is, I have no idea where I would put one in the house. :(

This book is amazing. Little small projects that wouldn't take a lot of time to weave to give for gifts for love ones. Simple projects that even a beginner could undertake. There is nothing really intimidating even for a newbie weaver.

Projects: curtains, scarfs. placemats, pillows, shawls, lampshades, towels, purses, aprons, book covers, shoe bags, bathmats,

Book is divided; Projects and illustrated diagrams, discussion on fibers, general information on looms, general how to's on setting up a loom, and basic weave structures


  1. You aren't fooling me, Kitty. I know that Avril is the Mother Ship of Habu. Not attending our meetings, are we?

  2. to find space in the house for a loom. But another member of the family might not like it. Since it would require moving some of his stuff out..... ;)

  3. Oh yes, how lovely. I would want a loom for those, if I wasn't preventing myself from buying any more Japanese craft books until I make at least one thing from the FOUR I bought on Japanese Amazon some months ago. All I need is to dig out some fabric and thread the sewing machine, and yet.... I have no doubt you'll do better than that though. Enjoy! x