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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

kitty: have you thanked your favorite fireman/firewoman today?

Today's post is completely unrelated to knitting or crafting, but it is more about the visibility of what we know or don't know about fire safety. Scout's post about what happened in her home last night really should be an eye opener for us all.

I remember Fire Prevention Week in elementary school and junior high, but a lot of what I learned is alarmingly out of date. You should really go read Mia's post for National Fire Prevention Week she just posted.

I got my replacement batteries at lunch today!

But most importantly, don't forget to thank your firewomen and firemen. In most cases they volunteer to help save your life, and there work goes sadly unappreciated by most.

Thanks J, Mia and all your sisters/brother for the work you do!

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