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Sunday, October 28, 2007

kitty: Japanese craft book -4529044858

Japanese Craft Books - Amazon JP - 4529044858

Knitting around the World
136 pages - 2007/09
ISBN-10: 4529044858

It has been so hard to think about knitting for this Fall this season, with temperatures in the 80-90's in October in Ohio. The thought of warm fuzzy sweaters just seems so distant.

The local Japanese Gift store gets a few knitting books in each season. Most are geared to an older clientele, but this book has a few sweaters that I thought were pretty cute so I picked it up.

The patterns though do spread a wider generational gap then normal. Which I thought was a really nice touch, but does make the book lack some focus.

Sections: A great Runway Section, Colour Palette for Fall, Early Autumn Knit, Chic Knit, Knit Jacket. Glamour's Knits, Sweet Knits, Techniques, Patterns

Patterns: Girly Sweaters, Baby Doll Sweaters, Coats, Vest (knit and crochet), Shrugs, Shawls, Granny Squares, Lace Sweaters and Vest,


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  1. I like these sweaters. But I would need you to translate the patterns for me first. Your Japanese is so much better than mine.