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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

kity: crochet crochet crochet

Crochet Crochet Crochet

item: Crochet Triangle Pouch Kit
content: 14.36
time: crocheting took a couple of hours, still need to sew it together

Just a cute little project to get some crochet experience under my belt. The colours are really out of this world. I couldn't help changing the stripes around a little though.

Why are there not enough time for all the crafts that I want to pursue. So for now little projects will have to do.


  1. ooooh, pretty! it's so even and perfect. is it cotton? good work with the crochet needle! go go go!

  2. zzizrThat is so cute. Are you going to keep knitterly things in it?

  3. Have always wanted that kit, but I made another one instead =)
    It's great Pris and will do you a lot of good of keeping change safe!!