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Saturday, November 03, 2007

kitty: Japanese craft book -9784387070504

Japanese Craft Books - Amazon JP - 9784387070504

Embroidered Sanrio Characters on Linen
81 pages - 2007/05
ISBN-13: 9784387070504

Did someone say Sanrio Characters and thus Hello Kitty charts???? I like millions of other people around the world still find myself obsessed with Hello Kitty and her friends. The sight of the little kitty on any craft book is always an instant buy.

This book is actually geared at the old Hello Kitty crowd. Objects that could be used in an adult life and not just for a little kid. Of course I do feel that Hello Kitty merchandise is ageless of course.

Patterns: Tote bags, purses, umbrellas, cloth bags, brief cases, pillows, sewing kits, magazine holder boxes, book marks, cloth covered books, wallets, aprons, tea cozy, bread box, Stuffed Hello Kitty and clothes,

Characters: Hello Kitty, Shinkansen, My Melody, Charmmy Kitty, Usahana

Techniques: Cross Stitch, Standard Hand Embroidery, some crewel techniques



  1. *Squee!* I still LOVE Hello Kitty and Sanrio stuff in general (especially choco-cat) and I love the idea of more sophisticated items with embroidery. I'm not a good judge of whether Hello Kitty is appropriate for a 30+ year old woman either considering that I would totally have the rice cooker & coffee maker if it wouldn't make my husband physically ill to see pink appliances.

  2. You are on a roll with Japanese books! After seeing all these new craft books on your blog, I decided to finally drive down to Costa Mesa and get some for myself. I'm going to hit Kinokuniya and Sanseido today. Hope to have something to show tomorrow. :)
    Happy Sunday!