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Friday, November 30, 2007

MG: belated gratitude

pumpkin pie still poofy from the oven

grateful for... loved ones who love eating together, laughing together, being together--enough to arrive by webcam if one has to; brussels sprouts; white whole wheat flour; pumpkins; spices; a good pie dough recipe; crunchy stuffing balls without chicken broth but with toothpick antennas; fiber projects that touch more than one pair of loving, making hands; knitblog friends.

pretty cranberries


  1. grateful for... posts by inspiring knitbloggers that make you smile when it is cold and dark outside and there is a pile of work waiting to be done! x

  2. aww.... you made me cry!!! grateful for the sweetest sister ever and best friend.

    hehe the pie was yummy as well

  3. The pie looks wonderful!!! But I know some one who didn't touch the Brussel sprouts on the Thanksgiving table. But I won't tell who it is.....