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Friday, November 02, 2007

MG: november forecasts

november already. why do days and months melt faster than i can savor it? i don't remember feeling like this as a child. how does one learn to "live deep and suck out all the marrow of life, to live so sturdily (Thoreau)" that moments can be sipped before they slip away.

november brings one my favorite events in the whole entire universe--nanowrimo. its existence is comfort to me, evidence of a specific sort of goodness in this world. i've quietly participated in nanowrimo for the last three years. i've never completed the task, but participating makes me extraordinarily happy--drunk on the energy of nanoers, on the intangible power of telling stories.

november is also a month for blogging daily, and i think i will unofficially put myself on that bandwagon. it's a time for me to try on new hats, attempt lofty goals, complete small milestones. it's also time for me to recalibrate my blogging purposes. as everything else in my life is in limbo, my blog identity is a little lost. it's all so awkward that i've been thinking in turns about quitting, about expanding, about changing. being here everyday will be good.

knitbuddies' third blog-versary is also coming up this month. time to cook up a contest, i think. :) this post counts towards the first of the month b/c i haven't gone to sleep yet! see you tomorrow.


  1. i love hearing what mg is up to ;) yay

  2. Oh I am so pleased! I am having a bit of difficulty at the moment. I cannot blog every day but I will be delighted to read yours each day.

    Take care,
    P x